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Unable to raise fund for your company?

Welcome! We provide all the tools, guidance, and support our clients need to succeed in their respective markets. Take a look around and explore the various services we offer and the circumstances that we manage to make it happen!

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About Us

Biz Up Resources Sdn. Bhd. (Used as Ocean Blue Management Services) is a reputed and experienced business advisory agency that has been in business since 2009.

We offer consulting services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), including fundraising for the project, business development, debt repayment, capital injection, replenishment, etc.

What are our strengths in fundraising services with respect to the client apply?

Time efficiency

Our strong relationship with all financial institutions will facilitate the entire application process and provide you with timely and practical outcomes.

Significant experience in overall application progress, acceptance and disbursement.


Company and directors or major shareholder background and credit checking, entitlement calculation, financial report, or management account advisory, analysis for business premises site visit requirement, queries and conditions might be raised up by underwriter, necessary arrangement advisory before submission, choosing of financial institution to submit the application or multiple FI submission arrangement.


Offer letter discussion and explanation, term, and conditions to fulfil before drawdown, hidden clauses might affect the future planning, application arrangement for the government guarantee fund.


Account opening, collateral pledging arrangement (if any), legal arrangement (loan agreement), insurance arrangement, to ensure all conditions fulfil and in order.

 Cost saving

With a reasonable fee involved in using our services, we might help you to get a cheaper interest rate, offer a most suitable facility for your business and that is the correct way to grow your business because each facility has their pros and cons.

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Successful Work Team

Successful Case Study

In order to protect the client's privacy, we cannot divulge the real name of the company!

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A construction company that has been in business for over 20 years. Tried to apply the banking facility, but get refused early on because of the higher loan issue. Under our arrangement, we have successfully secured an approved loan for RM 3 million under the government's guarantee scheme.

"Over Borrowing"